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ServiceDesk Management Best Practice Handbook

This thorough book provides a clear roadmap to designing, implementing and operating a help desk. The author leaves no key process out and completely covers everything from initial concept to measuring support effectiveness and process improvement.

The book starts with an initial strategy that is focused on planning help desk services that are completely aligned to requirements and are based on a mission statement.

This business-oriented approach is refreshing and will keep IT grounded in the real reasons for a help desk. More importantly is the process for careful selection of services to provide. An overly ambitious set of service goals will kill a help desk implementation early in its life by offering too much before there is a stable help desk process in place.

This book is realistic and lays the foundation for a success implementation. The section on the actual design of the help desk structure provides insights and information that can be applied to a large number of solutions. Since help desks will be organized in accordance with requirements and unique mission statements, this section of the book is like a catalog of patterns.

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