about us

About us

We are a specialized training center (Infochief Academy), which has the courses about the developed capacities and skills of IT Management & Leadership (IT).

Infochief was established in 07/2009. The aim of Infochief Institute is training the professional management staffs of IT, the excellent leaders in order to supply the requirements and expectations of enterprises, organizations, and governments. Its core foundation is training;
Moreover, Infochief Institute also provides management of IT consulting services for the strategic customers such as organizations and enterprises, to help the customers apply effectively IT to the management, administration and business.

What we can do !
- RESEARCHING IT system management tools, methods and processes applied to the enterprises efficiently.
- COMPILING AND PUBLISHING professional skills, management processes in the IT field.
- TRAINING professional skills and management in the IT field.
- GIVING CONSULTANCY for IT projects in enterprises and help them to save costs, to be successful thanks to application of IT to their business activities.
- Providing CIO/CTO services for groups, and enterprises.

Popular IT Toolkits Templates
Workstation Management
Manage the personal computer (PC) or laptop is necessary to maintain productivity of end users in the enterprise, by reducing the downtime of the desktop or laptop.
IT Strategy Management
IT strategy tools to help you build a strategic plan based on specific IT survey assessing the actual picture of the current IT, real demand business, business-oriented and implement strategic.
IT Organization Management
Depending on the scale of the organization or business. IT departments can be very diverse with many different functional groups (network, system, program, helpdesk, project, ...).
IT Helpdesk Management
The toolkits for IT helpdesk will help improve operational support to better as: recorded support requests, checklist of employees, the standard installation instructions and assess the capacity of IT staff.
IT Policy Development
The policy setting records for each type of service is very important, you must take alot of time to develop and edit before publish out.
Data-Center Management
Data-center is a place that contains all the data of businesses, organizations and agencies to assist in processing information and making decisions.

IT Management Templates Toolkits
The Templates That Every IT Manager Must Have !
Quick Help For You

Once we implemented IT Toolkit, all of that changed. Now we have an IT final plan that looks professional, is well organized and makes it easy for everyone to find the information that they need.

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