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To manage an IT project success that requires a great effort by the project leader, including significant keys not only the technology that is detailed understanding of business operations, and the ability organize and lead projects to success.

The management tool of IT projects, it was developed on methods of project management by PMI organization. Aims to help you manage IT projects practically with a concise, in-depth application in the management of projects such as infrastructure investment project , data integration project , business re-engineering processes, IT services.

Toolkit Documents

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Part-1. Initiating Forms

ITD_PR01.Form_IT Project Initiation.doc

ITD_PR02.Form_IT Project Charter.doc

ITD_PR03.Form_Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda.rtf

Part-2. Planning Forms

ITD_PR04.Form_IT Project Scope Plan.doc

ITD_PR05.Form_IT Project Detail Plan.mpp

ITD_PR06.Form_IT Project Resources & Staffing Plan.xls

ITD_PR07.Form_IT Project Budget Plan.xls

ITD_PR08.Form_IT Project Purchases & Acquisitions Plan.xls

ITD_PR09.Form_IT Project Communication Plan.xls

ITD_PR10.Form_IT Project Risk Management Plan.xls

ITD_PR11.Form_IT Project Security Initial Review.xls

ITD_PR12.Form_IT Project Testing Plan.xls

ITD_PR13.Form_IT Project Management Training Plan.xls

ITD_PR14.Form_IT Project Integrated Change Control.doc

ITD_PR15.Form_IT Project Quality Management Plan.doc

ITD_PR16.Form_IT Project Performance Report.xls

Part-3. Closing Forms

ITD_PR17.Form_IT Project Closing.doc



Price: $24.00

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IT Manager must be responsible for all IT activities to support for business strategic objectives. The usual objectives are focus on: IT strategy, technology system; budget, investment, organization and staff motivation;

The necessary requirements for an IT manager or IT leaders are: Ability to develop strategies and leadership; customer relationship management; suppliers and employees; project management; solving business problems with MIS systems; ensure continuous operation and disaster recovery of IT system.

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