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IT Helpdesk Management

IT helpdesk services, is a single point of contact from the user with the IT department. The evaluation and measurement of the success of the activities supported by the IT department are: Satisfaction of users of IT services. Thus, to serve users (customers) in the best way is to understand the expectations of the customer; enhance the level of satisfaction, satisfied with the quality of IT services, service attitude, improve the service.

The toolkits for IT helpdesk will help improve operational support to better as: recorded support requests, checklist of employees, the standard installation instructions and assess the capacity of IT staff.

Template Toolkits

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 File name

ITD-HD01_Form_Helpdesk Trouble Ticket.doc

ITD-HD02_Form_IT Request.xls

ITD-HD03_Form_Computer Software Request.doc

ITD-HD04_Form_E-mail Creation Request.doc

ITD-HD05_Form_New Employee Preparation.doc

ITD-HD06_Form_IT Services Request.doc

ITD-HD07_Form_e-Mail Send Out Request.doc

ITD-HD08_Form_Internet Access Request.doc

ITD-HD09_Form_Remote Access Request.doc

ITD-HD10_Form_ IT Programming Request.xls

ITD-HD11_Form_Folder Right Permission Request.xls

ITD-HD12_Form_Password Reset Request.doc

ITD-HD13_Form_IP Address Request.doc

ITD-HD14_Form_Call Access Request.doc

ITD-HD15_Form_Mailbox Quota Increase Request.doc

ITD-HD16_Flowchart_Model for Generic Request.doc

ITD-HD17_Flowchart_Model to Access to a Service.doc

ITD-HD18_Flowchart_Model for Changing Rights.doc

ITD-HD19_Flowchart_Model for Procurement of Items.doc

ITD-HD20_Checklist_Helpdesk Management.xls

ITD-HD21_Form_Welcome Letter IT Department .doc

ITD-HD22_Checklist_Scan Virus_Spyware.doc

ITD-HD23_Checklist_Software Installing Request .doc

ITD-HD24_Checklist_Email Before Pressing "Send" IT Helpdesk.doc

ITD-HD25_Checklist_Software Using.doc

ITD-HD26_Guidance_Helpdesk User Guide.doc

ITD-HD27_Checklist_Software Standard Installation.xls

ITD-HD28_Form_Employee Exit.doc

ITD-HD29_Guidance_Welcome to IT Department.doc

ITD-HD30_Flowchart_Helpdesk Data Summary.vsd

ITD-HD31_Form_Training Outline.doc

ITD-HD32_Score_IT Services Objective.xls

ITD-HD33_Sample_IT Problem Severity Definitions.doc

ITD-HD34_Form_Programming Request Monitoring.xls

ITD-HD35_Form_Programming Request Profile.xls

ITD-HD36_Form_IT Virtual Support.doc

ITD-HD37_Flowchart_Helpdesk Processes.xls

ITD-HD38_Form_Software Skills Evaluation of Users.doc

ITD-HD39_Form_New Employee Computer Skills.doc

ITD-HD40_Sample_Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey.xls

ITD_HD41_Checklist_Setting Up a Printer Server.doc

ITD_HD42_Form_Ink Cartrid List Spare.xls

ITD_HD43_Form_User Questionnaire About Printer.doc

ITD_HD44_Form_User Satisfaction Survey About Printer.xls


Price: $32.00

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IT Manager must be responsible for all IT activities to support for business strategic objectives. The usual objectives are focus on: IT strategy, technology system; budget, investment, organization and staff motivation;

The necessary requirements for an IT manager or IT leaders are: Ability to develop strategies and leadership; customer relationship management; suppliers and employees; project management; solving business problems with MIS systems; ensure continuous operation and disaster recovery of IT system.

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