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To manage the IT systems in enterprise in the good condition, the suppliers of products and services for IT systems is play a very important role to ensure the quality of products and services. Therefore, IT procurement that requires the process of how to meet the criteria set out and satisfy the need to equip the business. it is not easy, requiring comparison method constant, risk assessment, quality control of service provider, and finally decided to rent or buy.

The tools in this section will assist IT managers all the criteria in making purchasing decisions of hardware, software, services, procurement easily and professionally.

Toolkit Documents

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Part-1. IT Purchasing Preparation

ITD_SR01.Form_IT Investment Survey.xls

ITD_SR02.Procedure_IT Equipment Purchases.doc

ITD_SR03.Checklist_Project and Vendor Request for Information.xls

Part-2. Quotation Comparison Chart

ITD_SR01.Comparison Chart to Buy Hardware.xls

ITD_SR02.Score_Procedure for Purchase of IT.doc

Part-3. Vendor Evaluation and Selection

ITD_SR01.Comparison Chart to Choose IT Supplier.xls

ITD_SR02.Form_Software Evaluation Criteria.xls

ITD_SR03.Form_Vendor Evaluation.xls

ITD_SR04.Form_IT Consultant Evaluation Matrix.doc

ITD_SR05.Form_Vendor Infrastructure Maturity Assesment.xls

ITD_SR06.Issues Management of Supplier.doc

ITD_SR07.Reference checking for vendor.xls

ITD_SR08.Vendor Selection Site Visit Checklist and Questionnaire.doc

ITD_SR09.Checklist_Third-party IT Services Assessment.doc

Part-4. Negotiation And Contract Management

ITD_SR01.Checklist_Lease Contract Negotiation.doc

ITD_SR02.Form_Supplier Contract Management.xls

ITD_SR03.Form_Software License Supplier Management.xls

ITD_SR04.Form_Supplier Payment Monitoring.xls

ITD_SR05.Form_Vendor Support Contacts.xls

Part-5. IT Purchasing Policies

ITD_SR01.Ethics Policy.doc

ITD_SR02.Software and Hardware Investment Policy.doc

ITD_SR03.Third-Party Risks Identification Policy.doc

ITD_SR04.Vendor Relationship Policy.doc

ITD_SR05.IT Purchasing Policy.doc

Part-6. ERP Software Selection Toolkits

ITD_SR01.Initial Software Needs Assessment.xls

ITD_SR02.Software Selection Project Timing Chart & Checklist.xls

ITD_SR03.Software Selection ROI Worksheet.xls

ITD_SR04.ERP Software Concurrent User Estimator.xls

ITD_SR05.Software Selection Budget Worksheet.xls

ITD_SR06.Request for Information - Vendor Information.xls

ITD_SR07.RFP for ERP System Acquisition and Implementation.doc

ITD_SR08.RFP Vendors Evaluation.xls

ITD_SR09.ERP Software Requirements Template.xls

ITD_SR10.ERP Vendor Comparison Chart.xls

ITD_SR11.Onsite Software Demonstration Script - Data Template.xls

ITD_SR12.Onsite Software Demonstration Script - Evaluator Copy.xls

ITD_SR13.Onsite Software Demonstration Script - Vendor Comparison.xls

ITD_SR14.Vendor Functionality Score Summary.xls

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IT Manager must be responsible for all IT activities to support for business strategic objectives. The usual objectives are focus on: IT strategy, technology system; budget, investment, organization and staff motivation;

The necessary requirements for an IT manager or IT leaders are: Ability to develop strategies and leadership; customer relationship management; suppliers and employees; project management; solving business problems with MIS systems; ensure continuous operation and disaster recovery of IT system.

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