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Data-Center / Server Room Management

Data-center is a place that contains all the data of businesses, organizations and agencies to assist in processing information and making decisions. The demand for data storage is not only long-term storage and bulk, but also avoid the dangers from natural (hurricanes, floods, earthquakes ...) and from human (data stolen , data change).

The processes of Data-center infrastructure are important include the standards such as: Check daily monitoring, periodic maintenance plans, procedures and security policies to ensure continuous operation.

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 File name

ITD_DC01_Data-Center Infrastructure.pdf

ITD_DC02_Server Room Design Requirements.pdf

ITD_DC03_Server Room Power Supply Requirements.pdf

ITD_DC04_Server Room Fire Prevention Requirements.pdf

ITD_DC05_Cabling System Requirements.pdf

ITD_DC06_Server Room Ventilation and Cooling Requirements.pdf

ITD_DC07_Checklist_Data-Center Upgrading Plan.doc

ITD_DC08_Checklist_Data-Center Architecture Audit.doc

ITD_DC09_Checklist_UPS Maintenance Plan.doc

ITD_DC10_Form_Data-Center Maintenance Plan.xls

ITD_DC11_Checklist_Data-Center Operation Daily.xls

ITD_DC12_Checklist_Data-Center Operation.xls

ITD_DC13_Form_Data-Center Asset Profile.xls

ITD_DC14_Data-Center Consolidation Initiative.doc

ITD_DC15_Data-Center Security Manual.doc

ITD_DC16_Data-Center Cost Calculator Yearly.xls

ITD_DC17_Data-Center Electrical Power Assessment.xls

ITD_DC18_Checklist_Data-center Physical Security.doc

ITD_DC19_Data-Center Sites Survey.doc

ITD_DC20_Data-Center Assessment Tool.xls

ITD_DC21_Data-Center Consolidation (DCC) Questionnaire.xls

ITD_DC22_Data-Center Relocation Risk Management Plan.doc

ITD_DC23_Data-Center Audit Program.doc

ITD_DC24_Data-Center Safety Procedures and Guidelines .doc

ITD_DC25_Data-Center Best Practice.doc

ITD_DC26_DR Site Selection Matrix.xls

ITD_DC27_Form_Data-Center Safeguards Assessment.doc

ITD_DC28_Data-Center Standard Comparision.xls



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