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  • Project Manager Forms& Templates Ebook

    Project Manager Forms & Templates


    Designed specifically to assist both new and experienced project managers in handling all aspects of a project, this edition of A Project Manager's Book of Forms contains forms that cover all the process groups: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. It also includes some forms not mentioned in the PMBOK Guide, which you will find helpful in managing your project.

    Use the forms as a guide in collecting and organizing project information, or as a template for ensuring a set of consistent data on all projects. The forms can also be adopted on an organizational level to enable a repeatable approach to project management.

    Completely editable electronic versions of all the blank forms, in Microsoft Office compatible format, are available on an accompanying website. You may use them as is or tailor them to your own needs.

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      PDF 236 English 4.6 MB E-Book-PM-Forms


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  • A Project Manager's Book of Tools and Techniques

    Project Manager Tools & Techniques


    Book of Tools and Techniques is an invaluable resource for students and working professionals alike.

    Whether you are preparing for the PMP exam or just looking to optimize your project management skills, this book provides detailed explanations for over 100 essential tools described in the Project Management Institute A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge.

    Going beyond theory and concept to real-world practice, these tools and techniques are the how of effective project management; from planning, to implementation, to oversight, and beyond, all phases of the project are represented here to help you more effectively apply critical PMBOK concepts. Comprehensive examples illustrate real-world implementation, and detailed discussion provides expert guidance for both new and experienced project management professionals.

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      PDF 223 English 9.4 MB E-Book-PM-Tool-Tech


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  • Project Management ToolBox

    Project Management ToolBox: Tools and Techniques for the Practicing Project Manager, Second Edition offers a succinct explanation of when, where, and how to use project management resources to enhance your work. With updated content that reflects key advances in the project management field, including planning, implementation, control, cost, and scheduling, this revised text offers added material that covers relevant topics, such as agility, change management, governance, reporting, and risk management. This comprehensive resource provides a contemporary set of tools, explaining each tool's purpose and intention, development, customization and variations, and benefits and disadvantages. Additionally, examples, tips, and milestone checks guide you through the application of these tools, helping you practically apply the information you learn.

    Effective project management can support a company in increasing market share, improving the quality of products, and enhancing customer service. With so many aspects of project management changing as the business world continues to evolve, it is critical that you stay up to date on the latest topics in this field.

    - Explore emerging topics within the world of project management, keeping up to date on the latest, most relevant subject areas
    - Leverage templates, exercises, and PowerPoint presentations to enhance your project management skills
    - Discuss tips, reporting, implementation, documentation, and other essentials of the project management field
    - Consider how project management fits into various industries, including technology, construction, healthcare, and product development

    Project Management ToolBox: Tools and Techniques for the Practicing Project Manager, Second Edition is an essential resource for experienced project managers and project management students alike.

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      PDF 480 English 2.4 MB E-Book-PM-Toolbox

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  • The Project Management ToolKit


    Shifting priorities, budget cuts, unexpected interruptions . . . The obstacles that project managers face on a daily basis are sometimes relentless and always burdensome. And the average project is only growing more complicated! Now in its third edition, The Project Management Tool Kit is a must-have strategic partner for project managers of every industry, filled with step-by-step guidance that will enable managers to complete even the most complex projects both on time and on budget. This results-oriented resource offers 100 powerful, practical tips and techniques in a variety of areas, including:
    - Scope planning
    - Schedule development and adjustment
    - Cost estimating and control
    - Defining and using project metrics
    - Decision-making and problem solving
    - Motivation and leadership
    - Stakeholder engagement and expectation management
    - Risk identification and monitoring
    - And much moreExtensively updated and revised to reflect the latest changes to A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide), the checklists, charts, examples, and tools for easy implementation in this invaluable resource will help project managers of all types tackle any challenge that comes their way.


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      PDF 273 English 1.5 MB E-Book-PM-Toolkits

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  • Methods of IT Project Management


    Methods of IT Project Management (Third Edition) is built around the latest version of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and covers best practices unique to the IT field. It is designed for use in graduate, advanced undergraduate, and professional IT project management courses to prepare students for success in the IT field, and to prepare them to pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam given by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the world's leading certification in the field of project management.
    Unlike other project management texts,

    Methods of IT Project Management follows the IT project life cycle, from overview and initiation to execution, control, and closing. An enterprise-scale IT project (macro-case study) runs through the entire text.

    Each section presents mini-cases based on the larger case and focuses on new concepts presented in each section. Readers gain practical knowledge of IT project management workflows, at scale, while building technical knowledge and skills required to pass the PMP. Mini-case studies encourage deep retention, prompt rich in-class discussion, and challenge more advanced students and professionals alike. Unique skills covered can be put directly into practice. An appendix presents practice study questions and advice on preparing for and passing the PMP exam. The revised third edition includes expanded coverage of agile system development methodologies, leadership and negotiation skills, and process maturity models.


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      PDF 585 English 23.7 MB E-Book-PM-Method

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  • Leading IT Projects The IT Managers Guide


    Senior level IT managers are responsible for a wide variety of development projects. For the most part, these individual projects are handled by project managers. However, IT managers must be conversant in the field of project management. Additionally, they must understand the dynamics of managing the project manager and be familiar with the skill sets.
    Leading IT Projects: The IT Manager's Guide provides a detailed roadmap for project success. The book provides information on the technical aspects of project management and also focuses on the human side of project management - leadership skills, team building, and promoting creativity. Overall, it facilitates an extensive understanding of the planning, monitoring, and control of the people, process, and events that occur as a computer system evolves from preliminary concept to operational implementation.

    Using ready-to-use forms and templates, this valuable resource enables you to increase productivity and ensures that projects come in on time and within budget.


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      PDF 336 English 9.5 MB E-Book-PM-Leading

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  • IT Project Management A Geeks Guide to Leadership


    This book addresses leadership issues in the IT industry to help IT practitioners lead from the lowest level. Unlike other leadership books that provide a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership, this book focuses on the unique challenges that IT practitioners face.

    IT project managers may manage processes and technologies, but people must be led. The IT industry attracts people who think in logical ways - analytical types who have a propensity to place more emphasis on tasks and technology than on people. This has led to leadership challenges such as poor communication, poor relationship management, and poor stakeholder engagement. Critical IT projects and programs have failed because IT leaders neglect the people component of "people, process, and technology."

    Communications skills are key to leadership. This book features an in-depth discussion of the communications cycle and emotional intelligence, providing geek leaders with tools to improve their understanding of others and to help others understand them. To transform a geek into a geek leader, this book also discusses:

    - Self-leadership skills so geek leaders know how to lead others by leading themselves first
    - Followership and how to cultivate it among team members
    - How a geek leader's ability to navigate disparate social styles leads to greater credibility and influence
    - Integrating leadership into project management processes

    The book concludes with a case study to show how to put leadership principles and practices into action and how an IT geek can transform into an effective IT geek leader.


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      PDF 221 English 4.3 MB E-Book-PM-Guide

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Related Templates For an IT Manager

IT Manager must be responsible for all IT activities to support for business strategic objectives. The usual objectives are focus on: IT strategy, technology system; budget, investment, organization and staff motivation;

The necessary requirements for an IT manager or IT leaders are: Ability to develop strategies and leadership; customer relationship management; suppliers and employees; project management; solving business problems with MIS systems; ensure continuous operation and disaster recovery of IT system.

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