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IT Project Management Toolkits for CIO
IT Project Management Toolkits for CIO

An IT Project Management toolkit has been developed to facilitate the delivery of IT solutions within budget, on schedule, within scope and in such a way as to best contribute to accomplishing the University's strategic mission. From the numerous PM methodologies currently available, this toolkit is based on best practices from the Project Management Institute and has been customized for use in our environment. These toolkit offerings were chosen based on two beliefs:

- The toolkit is an ever-evolving set of guidelines, templates, and examples.
- The tools are designed to help you manage your project and can be adapted for any particular project.

Determining Project Priority (CIO Area)

Projects within the CIO Area are prioritized by the CIO leadership sponsor using the Prioritization Worksheet to ensure available resources are applied to the highest priority projects. This factor is considered during CIO leadership team discussions regarding project resourcing and initiation.

Determining Project Complexity

Project complexity is a critical factor in determining the 'right' level of documentation and oversight for a given project. A Project Complexity Tool, based on work at HP, is available to assess the overall complexity of the project and basis for that determination.

Determining Appropriate Project Documentation

Once the complexity has been assessed, the Project Tailoring Checklist can be used to review recommendations and determine the appropriate documentation for each unique project. For lower complexity projects, the PM and CIO leadership sponsor may choose to utilize a combined Plan and Charter document to optimize documentation.

Guidelines and Templates

In the table below are guidelines, templates, and examples for the CIO Area.

Toolkit Documents

Below is a list of documents you will find in the toolkit. Click on index file button to see which templates are included.


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Part-1. Initiating Forms

CIO-PR01. Project Charter.doc
CIO-PR02. Stakeholder Register.doc
CIO-PR03. Stakeholder Analysis Matrix.doc

Part-2. Planning Forms

CIO-PR01. Project Management Plan.doc

CIO-PR02. Scope Management Plan.doc

CIO-PR03. Requirements Management Plan.doc

CIO-PR04. Requirements Documentation.doc

CIO-PR05. Requirements Traceability Matrix.doc

CIO-PR06. Project Scope Statement.doc

CIO-PR07. Assumption and Constraint Log.doc

CIO-PR08. Work Breakdown Structure.doc

CIO-PR09. WBS Dictionary.doc

CIO-PR10. Schedule Management Plan.doc

CIO-PR11. Activity List.doc

CIO-PR12. Activity Attributes.doc

CIO-PR13. Milestone List.doc

CIO-PR14. Network Diagram.doc

CIO-PR15. Activity Resource Requirements.doc

CIO-PR16. Resource Breakdown Structure.doc

CIO-PR17. Activity Duration Estimates.doc

CIO-PR18. Duration Estimating Worksheet.doc

CIO-PR19. Project Schedule.doc

CIO-PR20. Cost Management Plan.doc

CIO-PR21. Activity Cost Estimates.doc

CIO-PR22. Cost Estimating Worksheet.doc

CIO-PR23. Cost Baseline.doc

CIO-PR24. Quality Management Plan.doc

CIO-PR25. Quality Metrics.doc

CIO-PR26. Process Improvement Plan.doc

CIO-PR27. Responsibility Assignment Matrix.doc

CIO-PR28. Roles and Responsibilities.doc

CIO-PR29. Human Resource Management Plan.doc

CIO-PR30. Communications Management Plan.doc

CIO-PR31. Risk Management Plan.doc

CIO-PR32. Risk Register.doc

CIO-PR33. Probability and Impact Assessment.doc

CIO-PR34. Probability and Impact Matrix.doc

CIO-PR35. Risk Data Sheet.doc

CIO-PR36. Procurement Management Plan.doc

CIO-PR37. Source Selection Criteria.doc

CIO-PR38. Stakeholder Management Plan.doc

CIO-PR39. Change Management Plan.doc

Part-3. Executing Forms

CIO-PR01. Team Member Status Report.doc

CIO-PR02. Change Request.doc

CIO-PR03. Change Log.doc

CIO-PR04. Decision Log.doc

CIO-PR05. Quality Audit.doc

CIO-PR06. Team Directory.doc

CIO-PR07. Team Operating Agreement.doc

CIO-PR08. Team Performance Assessment.doc

CIO-PR09. Team Member Performance Assessment.doc

CIO-PR10. Issue Log.doc

Part-4. Monitoring and Controlling Forms

CIO-PR01. Project Performance Report.doc

CIO-PR02. Variance Analysis Reports.doc

CIO-PR03. Earned Value Status Report.doc

CIO-PR04. Risk Audits.doc

CIO-PR05. Contractor Status Report.doc

CIO-PR06. Formal Acceptance.doc

Part-5. Closing Forms

CIO-PR01. Procurement Audit.doc

CIO-PR02. Contract Close-Out.doc

CIO-PR03. Project Close-Out.doc

CIO-PR04. Lessons Learned.doc

Part-6. IT Project Presentations (Slides)

CIO-PR01. Project Management Essentials.ppt

CIO-PR02. Grow Your Own Project Porfolio Management Solution.ppt

CIO-PR03. Create Project Management Success.ppt

CIO-PR04. Manage a Minimum Viable PMO.ppt

CIO-PR05. Establish an Effective PMO for IT.ppt

CIO-PR06. Tailor Project Management processes to Fit Your Projects.ppt



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