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Digital Transformation Toolkits for CIO
Digital Transformation Toolkits for CIO

The era of digital transformation is changing our world - business models that have been established over several decades are simply disappearing. Any company that doesn't act now is threatening its own existence.

You probably already know or sense that you need to take action. But you're asking yourself where you should start. How can you avoid mistakes or expensive changes just for the sake of doing something? How can you find out what is right and important for your company?

Start calmly and strategically. You will find the necessary tools here. We particularly want to support small and medium-sized enterprises. Learn how to make use of the opportunities provided by digital transformation and actively deal with the risks involved.

Toolkit Documents

Below is a list of documents you will find in the toolkit. Click on index file button to see which templates are included.


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Part-1. Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment Tools

CIO-DT01. Governance and Leadership Assessment.doc

CIO-DT02. People and Enterprise Culture Assessment.doc

CIO-DT03. Capacity and Capability Assessment.doc

CIO-DT04. Innovation Assessment.doc

CIO-DT05. Technology Assessment.doc

CIO-DT06. Final Assessment Report.doc

CIO-DT07. Digital_Maturity_Assessment - Full.doc

CIO-DT08. Digital Maturity Assessment Tools.xls

CIO-DT09. Resource Capability Assessment Worksheet.xls

Part-2. Enterprise Architecture Framework Templates

CIO-DT01. Enterprise Reference Architecture.ppt

CIO-DT02. Architecture Development Process.ppt

CIO-DT03. Business Architecture.ppt

CIO-DT04. Application Architecture.ppt

CIO-DT05. Data and Information Architecture.ppt

CIO-DT06. Technology Architecture.ppt

CIO-DT07.People and Organization Architecture.ppt

CIO-DT08. Strategic Roadmap.ppt

Part-3. Choose Right Digital Resources

CIO-DT01. Questionaire for Choosing the Right Digital Strategy.doc

CIO-DT02. Analyse and Choose Resources.doc

CIO-DT03. Digital Transformation Challenges List.doc

CIO-DT04. Organizational Resources Review.doc

Part-4. Design Digital Transformation Plans

CIO-DT01. Digital Strategy Template.doc

CIO-DT02. Digital Strategy For All Department.doc

CIO-DT03. Digital Strategy For Organization.doc

Part-5. Set Project Priorities

CIO-DT01. Digital Transformation Project Prioritisation Tool.xls

Part-6. Digital Transformation Implementation Plan Template

CIO-DT01. Digital Transformation Plan.doc

CIO-DT02. Digital Marketing Strategy Sample.doc

CIO-DT03. Digital Strategy Implementation Plan Template.doc

CIO-DT04. Digital Transformation Strategy Template.ppt

CIO-DT05. Digital Strategy Roadmap.doc

Part-7. Digital Transformation Strategy Development Tools

CIO-DT01. CANVAS Business Model chart and example_1.doc

CIO-DT02. CANVAS Business Model chart and example_2.doc

CIO-DT03. CANVAS Business Model chart and example_3.doc

CIO-DT04. PESTLE political factors worksheet.doc

CIO-DT05. PESTLE economic factors worksheet.doc

CIO-DT06. PESTLE social factors worksheet.doc

CIO-DT07. PESTLE technological factors worksheet.doc

CIO-DT08. PESTLE legal factors worksheet.doc

CIO-DT09. PESTLE environmental factors worksheet.doc

CIO-DT10. SWOT Analysis worksheet.doc

CIO-DT11. SWOT Inferred strategy for digital transformation worksheet.doc

CIO-DT12. GAP Analysis strenghts worksheet.doc

CIO-DT13. GAP Analysis weaknesses worksheet.doc

CIO-DT14. Change Protocol worksheet.doc

CIO-DT15. Prioritisation tool worksheet.xls

CIO-DT16. Prioritisation tool sample.xls


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