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Server Management

The server computer is very important in any organization. Host of data relating to business activities and customers data. For long time of using the server's performance became to deteriorate due to too much information is stored, many programs running at the same time and the risk of incident happened server can cause huge setback business and reputation of the business.

To avoid bad situations happen for server, the administrator must take measures to manage the server from the installation process to monitor daily activities, weekly and monthly relating to the parts: hardware, software, security, service.

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 File name

ITD_SV01_Server Security Monitoring Weekly.xls 

ITD_SV02_Work List_ IT Infrastructure Maintenance.doc 

ITD_SV03_ Problem Server Restore Preparation.doc

ITD_SV04_Work List Installing Server.doc

ITD_SV05_Work List_Protect Server Safety.doc

ITD_SV06_Work List_Computer Network Maintenance.doc

ITD_SV07_Work List_Server Infrastruture Maintenance.doc

ITD_SV08_Work List_Windows Server Maintenance.doc

ITD_SV09_Work List_IT Infrastructure Mornitoring Daily.doc

ITD_SV10_Work List_Server Room Operation Mornitoring.doc

ITD_SV11_Checklist_Server Operation Daily.doc

ITD_SV12_Checklist_Server Operation Weekly.doc

ITD_SV13_Checklist_Server Operation Monthy.doc

ITD_SV14_Checklist_SQL Server Security.doc

ITD_SV15_Checklist_Server Configuration Requirements.doc

ITD_SV16_Work List_Implementation Server.xls

ITD_SV17_Checklist_Server Room Operation Daily.doc

ITD_SV18_Guidance_Workstation, Server and Network Maintenance.doc

ITD_SV19_Guidance_Windows Server and Linux Installation.doc

ITD_SV20_Guidance_Server Security.doc

ITD_SV21_Guidance_Windows Server Installation.doc

ITD_SV22_IT Systems Maintenance Plan Annual.doc

ITD_SV23_Email Server Installation Plan.doc

ITD_SV24_Windows Server Installing Plan.doc

ITD_SV25_Server Upgrading Plan.doc

ITD_SV26_Windows Server Upgrading Plan.doc

ITD_SV27_Checklist_Server Operation Weekly-Monthly.doc


ITD_SV29_Server and Infrastructrure Security Assessment.doc

ITD_SV30_Windows Server Maintenance Weekly-Monthly.doc

ITD_SV31_Server Map Installation.vsd

ITD_SV32_Server Infrastructure Asset Profile.xls

ITD_SV33_Data-Center and Power Maintenance Procedure.doc

ITD_SV34_Windows Server Configuration Procedure.doc



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