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IT Security Audit Toolkits for CIO
IT Security Audit Toolkits

An audit of information technology is also known as an audit of info systems. It refers to an examination of controlsof management within an infrastructure of information and technology. In other words, it is the study and assessment of the IT infrastructure, strategies and activities of an enterprise. If you develop an IT Security Audit Toolkits, you are creating a system for evaluating the thoroughness of the IT infrastructure in your business. You are also evaluating the IT strategies, processes and activities of the company. It is the duty of organizations to periodically inspect their activities in the area of information technology. This helps protect clients, suppliers, shareholders, and employees.

A major problem with your information technology (IT) systems can totally disrupt your business, costing you time and money while you wait for repairs.

An IT Audit Toolkits helps ensure that your IT department has the necessary tools to secure your network and avoid these expensive repairs.

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Part-1. IT Audit Planning & Implementation

CIO-AUD01.Form_Audit Schedule.doc

CIO-AUD02.Form_ Pre-Audit Questionnaire.doc

CIO-AUD03.Form_Audit Management Checklist.doc

CIO-AUD04.Form_Adequacy Audit Report.doc

CIO-AUD05.Form_Audit Plan.doc

CIO-AUD06.Form_Non-compliance Record.doc

CIO-AUD07.Form_Observation Note.doc

CIO-AUD08.Form_Compliance Audit Report.doc

CIO-AUD09.Form_Interview Record Sheet.doc

CIO-AUD10.Form_Process Audit Checklist.doc

CIO-AUD11.Guide_IT Audit.doc

CIO-AUD12.Guide_Practical How To Audit Successful.doc

Part- 2. ISMS Audit Checklist

CIO-AUD01.Senior Management Statement Audit Checklist.doc

CIO-AUD02.Acceptable Use Policy Audit Checklist.doc

CIO-AUD03.Password Policy Audit Checklist.doc

CIO-AUD04.Data Protection Audit Checklist.doc

CIO-AUD05. Exception Request - Risk Assessment Audit Checklist.doc

CIO-AUD06. Hiring Practices Audit Checklist.doc

CIO-AUD07. Incident Response Audit Checklist.doc

CIO-AUD08. Information Classification and Protection Audit Checklist.doc

CIO-AUD09. Physical Security Audit Checklist.doc

CIO-AUD10. Compliance Audit and Review Audit Checklist.doc

CIO-AUD11. Network - Firewall - Remote Access Audit Checklist.doc

CIO-AUD12. Security Enhancement Technical Upgrade Audit Checklist.doc

CIO-AUD13. Technical Solution Standards Audit Checklist.doc

CIO-AUD14. Wireless Security Audit Checklist.doc

Part- 3. IT System Audit Checklist

CIO-AUD01.Audit_Access Control.xls

CIO-AUD02.Audit_Access to Data File.xls

CIO-AUD03.Audit_Application Control.xls

CIO-AUD04.Audit_Computer Processing.xls


CIO-AUD06.Audit_Disaster Recovery Plan.xls



CIO-AUD09.Audit_IT Organization and Administration.xls

CIO-AUD10.Audit_Password and Other Online Controls.xls

CIO-AUD11.Audit_Personnel Policies.xls

CIO-AUD12.Audit_Physical Protection.xls

CIO-AUD13.Audit_Program Maintenance And System Development.xls

CIO-AUD14.Audit_Purchased Software.xls

CIO-AUD15.Audit_System Development.xls

CIO-AUD16.Audit_Viruses Prevention.xls

Part-4. IT Audit Final Report

CIO-AUD01. IT Audit Final Report.doc


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