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IT Admin Toolkits

IT Admin Toolkits (Combo)

Installation, monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure systems including: PC Desktop, Server, Network, Data Backup, Database and solve the system problem.

IT Admin E-book Forms

The E-book is considered as tools assist in the management of all activities related to technical systems, to ensure stable operation systems, reduce downtime.

PC/ Laptop Management Toolkits

Management of personal computers is also including: Operating installation, maintenance, upgrades, changes, and handle support requests from users.

Server Management Toolkits

To manage the server from the installation process to monitor daily activities, weekly and monthly relating to the parts: hardware, software, security, service.

Data-Center Management Toolkits

Data-center operation is including the standards: Check daily monitoring, maintenance plans, procedures and security policies to ensure continuous operation.

Backup Management Toolkits

IT administrators need to implement: Scheduled backup, build process execution, monitoring and compliance policies for data backup, as well as for infrastructure.

Network Administration Toolkits

We are providing the network system templates, the plan to build a network, method to config the parameters for network devices as well as the material of network maintenance.

IT License Management Toolkits

In these Toolkits, we will provide methods, forms, plan for managing software licenses operate with a diagram of the license management, and process using appropriate software.

IT Manager Toolkits

IT Manager Toolkits (Combo)

IT Manager must be responsible for all IT activities to support for business strategic objectives: IT strategy, budget, project, investment, IT services, security, helpdesk, organization and staff motivation.

IT Manager E-book Forms

IT Manager to lead a team of IT experts, infrastructure servers, databases, and business applications software. Besides IT Manager needs to understand the business domain.

Organization Management Toolkits

Depending on the scale of the IT organization. IT departments can be very diverse with many different functional groups (network, system, security, program, helpdesk, project, ...).

IT Staff Management Toolkits

With group of support tools developed IT staff, we provide here are the most important tools and can help you establish a specific plan to manage IT staff information: IT staff profile,...

IT Helpdesk Management Toolkits

The toolkits for IT helpdesk will help improve operational support to better as: recorded support requests, checklist of employees, the standard installation instructions and assess the capacity...

IT Policy Development Toolkits

IT policy is always a good management tool to reduce the incidents that unforeseen risks. To save the time for you, we have nearly 100 IT policy templates, you can modify using fit for your business.

IT Strategy Management Toolkits

These tools to help you build a strategic plan based on specific IT survey assessing the actual picture of the current IT, real demand business, business-oriented and implement strategic.

IT Budget Management Toolkits

We offer these tools to help planning the annual budget in the IT field with ease and efficiency (CAPEX) based formula recoverable investment - ROI, to ensure continuous business.

IT Project Management Toolkits

The management tool of IT projects, it was developed on methods of project management by PMI organization. Aims to help you manage IT projects practically with a concise.

IT Supplier Management Toolkits

The tools in this section will assist IT managers all the criteria in making purchasing decisions of hardware, software, services, procurement easily and professionally.

IT Risk Management Toolkits

These tools will help the IT managers develop a risk management plan in detail for IT systems, ensure the business always have an available solutions in bad situations.

IT Service Management Toolkits

All templates provide specific examples, forms, procedures and guidelines for accelerated deployment including base-level service and pricing examples for IT products, process roles.

CIO Toolkits

Digital Transformation Toolkits

We particularly want to support small and medium-sized enterprises. Learn how to make use of the opportunities provided by digital transformation and actively deal with the risks involved.

IT Strategies Development Toolkits

Toolkit offers guidance to CIOs for creating an integrated business strategy that addresses IT or a separate information technology strategy that is closely with business strategy.

IT Project Management Toolkits

Projects within the CIO Area are prioritized by the CIO leadership sponsor using the Prioritization Worksheet to ensure available resources are applied to the highest priority projects...

IT Budget Management Toolkits

The IT budget covers hardware, software, personnel, outsourcing, disaster recovery and occupancy costs associated with supporting IT field .We offer these tools to help planning the annual budget.

IT Service Management Toolkits

All templates include specific examples and guidelines for accelerated deployment. Specific guidance for implementation includes base-level service and pricing examples for IT products, process roles.

IT Security Management Toolkits

This document contains security technology solutions to protect data classified as 'Highly Sensitive', 'Sensitive', 'Private' or 'Public' as per the Data Classification Standard and Data Handling Guidelines.

IT Risk Management Toolkits

This Toolkit will help you easily identify, assess, prioritize and mitigate the key risks & issues of your IT project or IT system. It includes all the Frameworks, Tools & Templates to help your increase safe and data security.

IT Security Audit Toolkits

An IT Audit Toolkits helps ensure that your IT department has the necessary tools to secure your network and avoid these expensive repairs. This helps protect clients, suppliers, shareholders, and employees.

ITIL/ ITSM Toolkits

ServiceDesk Management Toolkits

The toolkits for IT Service Desk will help improve operational support to better as: recorded support requests, the standard installation instructions and assess the capacity of IT staff.

Incident Management Toolkits

This package the process followed for managing incidents. They also analyze, modify, and improve the process to ensure it best serves the interest of the organization.

Problem Management Toolkits

The ITIL problem management templates are a great way to manage your company's problems. The templates provide detailed instructions on what should be done. They also come in various formats.

Configuration Management Toolkits

These templates will help ensure the success of your company and could even save you time. Our ready-to-use templates .A wide range of templates that are editable & customizable.

Change Management Toolkits

ITIL Change Management Templates are a great way to simplify your change management process. With ITIL, it's easy to create templates that will streamline the entire process from start to finish.

Release Management Toolkits

Release management Templates are handy for streamlining the deployment process. They can be used in many situations, such as to manage a release backlog or to provide standardized tasks.

Service Level Management Toolkits

The ITIL Service Management Templates package has everything you need to plan, implement and maintain your IT services. Suppose you are tasked with the responsibility of IT service management.

DRP & BCP Management Toolkits

The Toolkits of Disaster recovery plans cover essential elements such as measures to reduce the risk of human-made disasters taking place, identifying unwanted events.

ISO/ IEC 20000: 2018 - IT Service Management Toolkits

ISO/ IEC 20000: 2018 - IT Service Management Toolkits

The full list of documents, organised in line with the ISO/IEC 20000:2018 standard are listed below - all of these fit-for-purpose documents are included in the toolkit. The complete document set will be available to download immediately after purchase.

ISO/ IEC 27001: 2013/17 Information Security Management System Toolkits

ISO/ IEC 27001: 2013/17 Information Security Management System Toolkits

Providing documentation for the information security management system (ISMS) is often the hardest part of achieving ISO 27001 certification. The documentation necessary to create a compliant system, particularly in more complex businesses.

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