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Configuration management is a systems engineering process for establishing consistency of a product's attributes throughout its life. In the technology world, configuration management is an IT management process that tracks individual configuration items of an IT system.

Configuration Management is a critical part of any enterprise. However, they can be difficult to configure, so we created templates that you can customize for your very own configuration management plan. These templates will help ensure the success of your company and could even save you time.

Few reasons why you should get our templates:

- Our ready-to-use templates are huge time savers.
- A wide range of templates that are editable & customizable.
- We have a dedicated support team for all your queries.



Toolkit Documents

Below is a list of documents you will find in the toolkit. Click on index file button to see which templates are included.


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Part-1. Service Asset And Configuration Management Plan Guide

ITIL-SEV01.Configuration Management Guide.pdf

ITIL-SEV02.Configuration Management.doc

ITIL-SEV03.Example Configuration Management System Diagram.pdf

ITIL-SEV04.Guide to Asset and Configuration Management.pdf

ITIL-SEV05.SA and Configuration Managemennt Roles and Resps.pdf

ITIL-SEV06.SA and Configuration Management Process Activities.pdf

ITIL-SEV07.Asset Inventory Config Management Databases Training.pptx

Part-2. Service Asset AndConfiguration Management Process

ITIL-SEV01.Configuration Management Process.docx

ITIL-SEV02.Asset Management Process.docx

Part-3. Service Asset And Configuration Management Policy

ITIL-SEV01.Service Asset and Configuration Management Policy.docx

Part-4. Service Asset And Configuration Management Templates

ITIL-SEV01.Asset Configuration Planning.docx

ITIL-SEV02.Configuration Management Plan Template.docx

ITIL-SEV03.Asset Management Asset Aquisition.vsd

ITIL-SEV04.Asset Management Asset Dispose.vsd

ITIL-SEV05.Configuration Management RACI.docx

ITIL-SEV06.Asset Management Business Process Requirements Document.docx

ITIL-SEV07.Asset Management KPIs.docx

ITIL-SEV08.Asset Management Maintenance Process.vsd

ITIL-SEV09.Asset Management Roles.docx

ITIL-SEV10.Asset Management Scope Document.docx

ITIL-SEV11.Asset Management Swimlanes.vsd





















ITIL-SEV32.Asset Management_Maintenance_Procedures.docx


ITIL-SEV34.Sample Asset Configuration Items.xls

ITIL-SEV35.Asset Tagging Flowchart.pdf

Price: $35.00

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