Step-By-Step Guide to IT Strategic Planning

IT-Toolkits_Strategy_2Traditionally, IT Strategy has been approached from the perspective of “IT as an enabler” – hence, the focus on “business IT alignment. There is a business strategy developed with which the IT strategy ┬ámust align. Disruptive technologies, the internet being the most famous one, have shown this approach to be fundamentally flawed as it constrains the use of IT capability to create competitive advantage.

CIOs are being asked to be business leaders. CIOs are being asked to run IT like a business. What does an IT strategy process look like that accomplishes this goal?

How can the CIO change that and create an IT capability that drives business value? Approach IT Strategy from the perspective of “IT as the driver.” This requires a re-tooling of the IT Strategy process.

This series of 21 presentations will help you understand the big-picture of the step-by-step strategic analysis process used to create competitive advantage. This process can be adapted to your specific situation to create an IT strategy that leverages IT to create competitive advantage.

  1. What is strategy and why is it important to competitive advantage?
  2. What is strategic management? What does the strategic leader/executive do to create competitive advantage?
  3. How to perform strategic analysis?
  4. How to perform a strategic analysis of your external environment?
  5. How to perform a strategic analysis of your internal environment?
  6. How to perform a strategic diagnostic? How to use the results of this diagnosis?
  7. How to create generic strategies for your organization?
  8. How to create strategies for innovation and growth?
  9. What is strategic control? How to implement strategic control?
  10. How to assess competitive strategic position of your organization? How to change your position?
  11. How to adapt to changing conditions? What is a learning organization and how to implement one?
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